True Stories


Farheen Zehra

My name is Farheen Zehra, I have 3 children, 1 is mentally unstable and 2 are very young. My husband, Afzal Hussain s/o Azadar Hussain was a 4th grade employee of water board who had lost his life in target killing on 6th February 2013, FIR of this case is registered.I am a typical housewife, and this incident made me mentally and financially unstable. Neither I have any skill nor I am educated. Utility bills, school fees, and other household expenses were impossible for me to manage, moreover, it was very difficult for me to get my husband's job dues. I kept on visiting the water board office for many months but no one was ready to listen to my problem every time they used to give an excuse and appointment of next day. Life got very difficult I was managing things by lending money from people who also started troubling me to return them their money I was in huge crisis when Allah showed me a light of hope in the shape of SAAP (Social Aid & Awareness Program). I met one of the members of the SAAP organization who instantly helped me out with my dues and within a few days, I received a check of Rs. 200,000 which offered me psychological relief. Soon I sold my home and shifted to a new place where the builder started troubling me to take my home back. Once again SAAP offered me legal support due to which my home is safe and secure now. I really thank SAAP for supporting through Victims Rehabilitation Program (VRP) in my hard time when survival was impossible for me and my children.
Thank You So Much SAAP.


My name is Zainab w/o Abdul Majeed and I belong to Baloch family, many years back my husband passed away, I only had one son who was an employee (clerk) of KMC cattle farm, my son was the only bread earner of the family. I also have one daughter and 4 granddaughters, her husband is missing from 5 years till now so my daughter and granddaughters were also the responsibility of my son. Our lives were scattered and we went into a dark phase after the death of my son. I am 70 years old neither I am educated nor my daughter, granddaughters didn’t go to school life became very tough until I met a member of SAAP. I still remember it was too hot in the month of Ramzan, there was nothing in the home to eat children were roaming around barefoot suddenly we received Grocery package and Eidi package by SAAP. After receiving toys and edible stuff, the happiness that I saw in my granddaughter's eyes was so pleasing. seeing school uniform of children, house fan, daily use household stuff I prayed for this organization and got so emotional that at least there is someone who shared our problems and understood what we were going through. I truly thank SAAP for supporting us through Victims Rehabilitation Program (VRP) when we had no hope from anyone.
Thank You so much SAAP for supporting us!

On 26th August 2005, I was targeted by unknown people near Korangi Industrial police station, I got one bullet in my back due to which half of my body got paralyzed. I use to operate head embroidery factory 8 people were working under me and were earning respectable wages we used to deliver supplies in various boutiques. After this incident, I got financially destroyed and socially unstable. I have one wife and four daughters, I am the only bread earner of the family. Life was getting difficult day by day, I had lost all hopes and I use to be very worried about how me and my family will survive. Eid was near and there were too many problems at home, suddenly one day members of SAAP Organization visited my home and listened to my queries and inquired about the incident that took place and arranged a stall for me on Eid. Out of the blue, there was a light of hope in my life and I earned for my family with respect on eid. On Eid day a team of SAAP organization visited my home with eid packages/gifts and ordinary Cash gift (Eidi) for my children which were equal to treasure for them. It was such an emotional moment for me I felt as I am not alone and this feeling gave strength to my hopes and my hopes raised again that made my life easy. I truly thank SAAP for supporting me through Victims Rehabilitation Program (VRP) who helped me to stand on my feet once again. when we had no hope from anyone.
Thank You so much SAAP for supporting us!