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of faith and hope..



In 2008, SAAp, org. was found by a group of people who believed in bringing help by means of community rehabilitation facilities and medical attention, aiding people in need. The organization was also built to provide solutions for a career, skill enhancement, self-building, education, technical education programs and pieces of training to special children.

SAAP has made all the efforts in the provision of opportunities for those who have disabilities. We believe in augmenting talent, which has no boundaries.

How do we manage to grow? SAAP aims to be a unique center with staff who works for the betterment of people with disabilities. Our team is made up of passionate people who work their heart out spreading smiles, creating and empower everybody all the way along.



Our aim is to support all those misfortunate people who have been victimized, exploited or been faced with any tragedy due to any mishap. Our mission is to help them and give them the love and care in a happy environment.


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Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers